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Discover the world of the e-up!

The e-up stands out for the amount of room it packs into a small space and for its innovative electric drivetrain. Experience the advantages of driving purely on electricity and find out all there is to know about the small-but-large city speedster – from its efficient technology to clever everyday features.

  • The e-up! out and about.
  • Driving efficiently.
  • Easy to charge.
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Small car,

big savings.

The e-up! produces no CO2 emissions, just plenty of enjoyment. This small city car is powered purely by electricity, using a powerful electric motor with a lithium-ion battery.

It can be used for a journey of up to 160 kilometres and gives off no emissions. And another great thing: at just €2.814 per 100 kilometres, the e-up! incurs significantly lower operating costs compared to conventional powertrains. This means double savings – and driving the car remains just as enjoyable. To get an insight into the technology behind all this, take a look at the e-up!

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